InterviewMe CV creator opinion and test

InterviewMe CV creator opinion and test

Interview CV is a professional application (one of the most popular of its kind) that allows you to quickly generate a CV in PDF format. Its creators boast that users have 18 templates and as many as 400 color variants of their CVs at their disposal, and the wizard itself is easy to use. I decided to test this tool.

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In this article, I will try to present to you as accurately as possible the advantages and disadvantages of the InterviewMe CV creation application. I’ll show you how this popular wizard works and whether it’s worth using.

InterviewMe CV – the advantages of the application

At first glance, the InterviewMe CV wizard is really impressive. The user interface looks friendly and most of the features are easy to find.

Unlike free tools – such as the LinkedIn CV Builder or Canva CV – the app guides you step by step through further sections of a CV. Besides, in the empty fields to be completed, some examples show how to enter the given information. So completing your CV is really easy.

Besides, on the right side of the screen, you can see a real-time preview of our curriculum vitae. Thanks to this, you immediately know where it is worth shortening something and where to add it to make the final document look attractive. I would like to add that the CV downloaded from InterviewMe does not differ from the one that was visible in the preview, and the available templates are elegant and professional. Such a document will therefore be friendly to ATS systems (applications scanning recruitment documents) used by as many as 99% of the largest companies in the world.

Interestingly, the wizard also includes expert tips. This feature is very similar to what we offer in the LiveCareer CV Creator. So if you are writing your first CV or have not been successful in recruiting so far, these tips will certainly be useful to you. The automatic quality assessment that you can see just before downloading the file from the InterviewMe wizard will also help you improve the content of your CV.

An undoubted advantage of the InterviewMe CV creation application is also ready-made sentences and phrases for use. It is worth remembering that in Poland, most of these types of tools do not have the function of automatic CV completion.

Are you applying to work abroad? Don’t worry – in the InterviewMe CV app, you can also prepare a CV in English, a CV in German, and 13 other languages. Just select the Change document language option, visible above the preview of the finished CV. Then the wording of the headings in the document will change, which – let’s add – can be freely modified.

You can also edit the style and color of the CV template. InterviewMe offers, among others the ability to change the background color and letters or the font itself in the CV, so you can adjust the document to your needs. Such a resume looks much more attractive than created based on free tools, e.g. CV templates from OpenOffice or CV template in Word. Unfortunately, in the application discussed by us, the options for editing the CV appearance, although attractive, are a bit more difficult to find than in free editors.

So how to generate such a CV step by step in InterviewMe, which will be employer-friendly? To make this task easier for you, I have prepared a short guide for you.

How to use InterviewMe CV?

  1. First, open the InterviewMe CV Wizard and select Get Started. After opening the tool, you will see a list of available templates. However, while editing the file, you will be able to change this template as you like to choose the one that best suits your CV.
  2. After selecting your template you will see a list of available CV sections. You can complete them one by one by clicking Next, or at your own pace by going to any section in the left pane. Not all information in the CV is required (e.g. you can omit the address).
  3. In the Personal data section of your CV, you can also insert a photo into your CV. You do not need to have a file of the right size – the application will allow you to set the photo area that will be visible in your curriculum vitae template.
  4. If you want access to ready-made sentences and phrases, in the Experience CV section, enter the suggested job title (but don’t worry – the list is really long and there will definitely be something for you!)
  5. You can also find hints in the Skills CV section. If you don’t want stars to be displayed next to your qualifications, uncheck the slider with Show Skill Level. You can also change the order of hard and soft skills in your resume as you wish by selecting Reorder.
  6. InterviewMe CV Creator also offers the possibility to select and edit a ready-made Job Summary in your CV, tailored to your position. Just remember to replace the fields in square brackets with specific information. The same applies to the finished CV clause where you have to fill in the company name.
  7. In the Add/Remove Sections section, the application also offers the option of supplementing your CV with additional information, such as interests, references from a former employer, or foreign languages ​​in your CV (if you know more than one).
  8. Your document is ready? On the top right of the screen, find Zoom. Select it and check if your CV does not contain common mistakes – e.g. incorrectly entered dates of employment. You don’t have to worry about typos because InterviewMe CV has a built-in autocorrect option.
  9. Finally, check the quality rating of your CV and correct any shortcomings. If you are satisfied with the result, download the CV in PDF format by clicking the red button Download your CV. Done!

You can match the generated document to specific job offers and download it again within the same subscription. This is very important because – as Employer Survey shows from 2019 – as many as 67% of recruiters can easily recognize a CV that has been massively sent to several companies.

Interestingly, in the InterviewMe CV creator, you can also create a list of motivations to work, using templates similar to CV templates. This way you will get a professional set of application documents. Unfortunately, the InterviewMe tool lacks the ability to automatically generate other documents of this type – e.g. a job application or a letter of thanks for a recruitment meeting – which can be found in the LiveCareer cover letter creator.

InterviewMe CV – disadvantages of the online wizard

Of course, the InterviewMe CV wizard also has its drawbacks. First of all, some features related to the appearance of the resume are less visible and take time to find. So how do you do it?

To test other templates, select Format CV – you’ll find it at the bottom of the left-hand section panel. If, however, you want to change the colors and size of individual elements of the CV, select the last option in the same panel, i.e. Change appearance. To make it visible, you have to either collapse the Write CV option (then you will hide the list of individual sections for a while) or grab and move the slider on the right side of the panel. Unfortunately, this slider is almost invisible to the user unless the cursor hovers over it.

In the InterviewMe CV creator, there are… 25 available colors instead of the 400. I guess this spectacular number is the result of counting all possible color combinations of the background and other elements, but let’s face it – most of them (e.g. purple letters on a black background) are not suitable for use in application documents. On the other hand, a too large a selection of colors and patterns could pose a lot of problems and unnecessarily extend the time of preparing a CV.

The number of available templates also does not seem great – especially since their style is different similar, and some of them are mirror images of each other. In this respect, the offer of our CV generator seems more attractive.

The InterviewMe CV application also does not have the option to download a free CV, although we can freely change the appearance of the document and thoroughly test the wizard before buying. The creators also give us the option to buy a cheaper package for 2 weeks or a one-time subscription fee for the entire year, thanks to which the price of the service for 1 month will be much lower. The Premium option allows you to additionally generate an online CV, thanks to which the user will have an insight into who and when read them.


Is InterviewMe CV worth it?

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In my opinion – yes. Although some options are less visible, a little practice is enough to quickly generate the document that suits us. The templates, while minimalist, are elegant and attractive, which is why they are sure to attract the attention of recruiters.

The InterviewMe CV Wizard itself is also easy to use and the developers provide ongoing support. The tool is also so extensive that it is worth paying for it – especially since it is an investment that will certainly pay off. So it’s a good choice if you are still wondering which program to write your CV in.

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