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Earning money online

Earning money online

Zarabianie przez Internet 2021

The possibility of earning money on the Internet is an issue that is nothing extraordinary today. Pay attention to how many aspects of life move online – having access to the Internet you can do grocery shopping, buy clothes, read the latest article from your favorite newspapers, and even settle your PIT tax return. The Internet offers a wide range of possibilities, and one of them is to earn money through it, without leaving your home.

If you are still wondering how to make money online, why you should try this type of job, what are the most popular online job offers, and what to watch out for if you decide to work online, be sure to read our article. We will try to answer all your questions.

Making Money Online – Table of Contents

  1. Working on the Internet – why is it worth it?
  2. Ways of earning money on the Internet
  3. Internet sales
  4. Copywriting
  5. Translations
  6. Completing the survey as work from home
  7. Tutoring over the Internet
  8. Working online – what should we be careful about?
  9. Earning money online – working at home for everyone?

Internet-work – why is it worth it?

Working online is different from stationary work. First of all, it can be performed from different places in the world. All you need is internet access and the necessary equipment to perform your professional duties. Working from home often means attending virtual meetings with your supervisor or team to set tasks or coordinate a project. You must pay attention to the time scheduled for the videoconference, especially if your whereabouts on a given date is in a different time zone. If you’re traveling to the other side of the world, make this difference in your plans.

Often getting paid online means working from home. This perspective is very attractive for many people, not only does it allow you to work in a comfortable space, but also allows you to save time needed for commuting to work, preparing meals to go, and preparing elegant clothes.


You already know why online work is so popular. The time has come for a small online job offer overview. Here is a compilation of ways to earn money from home on the Internet:

1. Internet-sale

One of the most popular ways to make money online is through sales. There are many online auction sites and sites designed to list specific products, such as clothes and jewelry.

You can start by selling your second-hand goods, gaining money, and giving them a “second life” at the same time. To do this, create an account on a selected portal, such as Allegro, OLX, or Vinted, take the time to take appropriate photos of the products, determine the price and possibly advertise your auction. You don’t have to allocate an additional budget to promote the product right away, start by sharing links with your advertisement on social networks and sending them to your friends.

Online sales can take a professional form and become your permanent employment. If you can show off your sales skills, set up your own online store using a special eCommerce platform, such as Shopify. Take care not only of the technical side of such an undertaking but also of good-quality photos and descriptions adapted to SEO, so that the offered products are promoted in the best possible way online. If you have a sufficient budget, you can use the services of a copywriter who will select keywords appropriately and create high-quality text.


Referring to the previous paragraph, copywriting is another way to make money online. This work from home is about creating SEO texts that will help optimize the website on which the created articles or descriptions have been placed. Another technique is to write texts for specific needs – e.g. creating a product e-book that will be added for free after each purchase.

Regardless of what tests you will create as part of copywriting, it is worth taking advantage of the courses that are available on the Internet. Free webinars from various marketing companies are available on the Internet. You can find out about such online training from groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. What’s more, on these platforms you will find orders to write a one-time article or permanent cooperation.

3. Translations

One of the options for making money from home is translating texts. This method is intended for a person who can boast a good command of foreign languages. You don’t always need to be a certified English teacher to translate texts. For some content (e.g. magazine articles or children’s books) a good command of the language is sufficient.

The big question is: where to find such job offers online? One of the popular job portals for text translation is Creating an account on the mentioned website is free. You do not need to have your own business registered to use this website as it is possible to invoice a private individual.

Naturally, if our knowledge of a foreign language is high, we can check the “Career” tabs on the websites of international corporations. Such companies are often looking for translators and at the same time offer the possibility of remote work.

4. Completing surveys as work from home

In the past, surveys were conducted directly on the street, among passers-by. This form has been gradually losing popularity, and currently, due to the global situation, it is no longer possible. Does this mean that no one is filling in the questionnaires anymore? Of course not. Only the way of carrying out such activities has changed. First, most of them are done online. Secondly, this activity is ordered for additional remuneration. Filling out questionnaires has become another way to work from home.

The advantage of doing this is that anyone with internet access can do it. There is no need to present foreign language proficiency certificates or take creative writing courses. All you need to get started is hardware and network access.

You can find such job-from-home offers on well-known portals with advertisements. There are also special pages dedicated to filling out surveys. By registering on the indicated portal, you have the option of paying your salary or transferring the funds obtained to the selected foundation. You can also opt-out of completing the questionnaires and delete your profile at any time without paying any fees.

5. Internet tutoring

Earning money from home can also be related to working with other people. Think about sharing your talents and skills. If you are good at some school subject, for example, maths, start giving tutoring online without leaving your home. This, of course, is just one of the many areas that are very popular on websites with tutoring ads. You can earn money online by passing on knowledge in the field of physics, Polish, and even knowledge of programs such as Excel or AutoCAD. Among people from the IT industry, there will be beginners who will undoubtedly be interested in individual Java basics classes.

Working online – what do we have to watch out for?

Response to the above ad may vary. Some will think that this is a great opportunity to quit your current job and start working with a company by filling out surveys that finally offer a multiple of their monthly salary! Others, on the other hand, claim that such a sum for performing such tasks is something unreal, and certainly difficult to achieve.

We hope you belong to the latter group.

The Internet offers many opportunities, but it comes with dangers. Data theft, hacking into devices, or extorting money are just a few examples of fraudsters’ activities on the Internet. When deciding to work online, you need to pay attention to several aspects so that earning money online is not only profitable but also safe:

  • before starting cooperation with a given company, let’s check if it is entered in the correct register and read the opinions about it;
  • if your potential employer asks us to send any amount under additional insurance or other suspicious reason, do not transfer money before thoroughly verifying the company;
  • if the requirement to start work is to enter a “special” link, do not open it if you are not sure if it comes from a reliable source and is safe;
  • do not provide the company with full data, which can then be easily used – we mean sending a scan of your ID card or filling out a form if providing data is required at the very beginning of cooperation.

Earning money online – working from home for everyone?

Working from home via the Internet has its supporters and opponents. Regardless of whether you prefer to work from your own home or going to the office, it motivates you to act, it is important that the work performed is profitable and safe for you, and that the remuneration due is paid on time.

If you do not know where to start looking for job offers or how to create a CV so that the employer chooses you – please contact us! We will try to help, regardless of whether you are looking for a stationary job or you are interested in earning money online.

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