Computer literacy – how to describe program knowledge in your CV?

Computer literacy – how to describe program knowledge in your CV?


It may seem surprising that despite the ubiquitous, global digitization, not every employee can boast of an excellent knowledge of various programs and operating systems. A large group of candidates do not know how to present their computer skills and describe them in a very laconic way in their CV. These are usually passwords like: – computer service; – ms computer; sometimes job seekers decide to use slightly more specific terms: – knowledge of office; – office support; it is somewhat better to list the programs that the candidate supports, eg – knowledge of Excel; – WordPress program; or –Word support. However, this is still not enough. The employer is not able to assess the actual skills of the candidate based on short dashes, and based on the CV, he should conclude at what level your computer program support is. Then your chances of being invited to an interview will increase.



Employers today pay attention to the actual skills of the candidate. Often even more than his education or even experience. For this reason, it is important to clearly define your competencies in your CV, including the level of your knowledge of using computer programs. The use of basic computer programs is required in almost every job. While this should not be a problem for young workers, computer skills for older people can still be a challenge. But nothing is lost. You can try to educate yourself by using free guides on the Internet. What should you look for to acquire new skills in this field and to make basic computer skills less difficult? We recommend starting with the following phrases: basic computer skills for everyone; computer skills for beginners pdf; ms office what is it?; ms office how to learn? or how to write a letter on a computer? Everyone started sometime.

CV computer support – where to enter?

Once you’ve learned about computer programs, it’s time to include this information on your CV. Computer skills in your CV should be found in the SKILLS section. The sections can be further divided into two groups: hard and soft skills. Once done, but the ability to use programs and operating systems in the hard skills section (as a reminder: soft skills include, for example, teamwork, goal orientation, communication skills, and independence).

Office programs and more – how to describe their knowledge?

Certainly not short enough: good computer skills. The employer expects more precise information. Especially that “good acquaintance” can mean something different to everyone. For someone, it will be the ability to write e-mail, for another person – knowledge about how to create a computer program. Describe your knowledge of computer programs in detail and you will certainly gain an advantage over other candidates. How exactly do I do this?

First: list specific computer-programs

This is where Microsoft Office programs can be found, that is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other programs. You can additionally group them into:

  • Text editors: OpenOffice, LibreOffice Writer;
  • Spreadsheets: OpenOffice, Calc;
  • Graphic programs: Photoshop, Canva, Gimp, Illustrator;
  • Presentation software: Prezi, Corel Presentation, OpenOffice Impress;
  • Google programs: Documents, Forms, Sheets, Slides;
  • Content management programs: Joomla, Desktop WordPress, Drupal.

Second: specify their level of knowledge

In addition to listing individually specialized programs, the next step should be to determine the level of advancement in using a given program. Try to determine if it is a basic or an advanced level? You can do it in writing or graphic form. Most often, the following phrases are used to describe the level of knowledge of programs: basic level, intermediate level, advanced level. But that’s not all. You can list a few advanced features of programs in which you specialize or add links to your works made with graphic programs, e.g. graphics made in Photoshop, Gimp.

Third: list the-functions that you can use

For example knowledge of MS office, and specifically, the use of Word can be described as follows: MS Word – advanced level: creating macros, graphic effects, complex text documents;

  • Excel knowledge levels: Excel support – basic level: data input, basic functions, document navigation;
  • Adobe Photoshop knowledge level: Adobe Photoshop – advanced level: link to portfolio;
  • Knowledge of MS PowerPoint: MS PowerPoint – advanced level: creating animated charts, SmartArt;

Support for MS Office and specialist programs – do not colorize

When describing your knowledge of software in your CV, be truthful. Consider whether your knowledge of MS Office, which you learned from computer science lessons in high school 10 years ago, is still at the same level? To what extent would you be able to use it today? Remember that the lie will soon come to light. Skills can be easily verified, for example in the next stage of recruitment – at an interview.

Employer’s requirements and the nature of the position, what else should you pay attention to?

Of course, it is not always necessary to present computer skills in the same way in every CV. It all depends on the position you are applying for. There are professions where the use of specific programs is needed more than in others. Today, however, it is difficult to find a position where the employer would not require knowledge of, for example, basic computer programs, especially as the computer is often the basic work tool. Therefore, the description of competencies in this field should be adapted to the nature of the position you are applying for and to the employer’s requirements contained in the job advertisement.


If the advertisement states that the position requires the ability to use MS Office, you do not need to include other programs in your CV that you use. The exception is when you know a program particularly well and match the profile of the company you are applying to. However, if the employer does not mention the programs in the advertisement, the knowledge of which he will expect from you, you can list those that you have used/have used so far in previous positions or as a hobby. You should always follow the criterion of matching your skills to the position for which you are applying and not include programs completely unrelated to it in your CV. Using the software for the recruiter’s own use is also important, if only because it speaks of our interest, willingness to learn and taking care of our development on many different levels.

What programs on which stations?

Computer systems and programs facilitate (or even enable) work in various positions in many industries. Journalists, bank employees, clerks, doctors, librarians, policemen, teachers, and many other professions use computers and other electronic devices in their daily work. It happens less and less often that someone is not able to operate them at least on a basic level. There are, however, professions, such as programmer, architect, graphic designer, which are required to know them at an advanced level. So the knowledge of which programs will be most useful for each position?

Knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • is most often required for office work. Word must be included in your CV if you are applying for a position related to work in marketing, journalism, administration; Excel – add a description of your acquaintance when you apply for a job in accounting, bank, finance, creating/analyzing databases; PowerPoint – in the professions related to marketing, sales or as a sales representative;


  • program to work with creating websites. It is worth entering it in your CV if you are applying for the position of SEO specialist, journalist, marketing specialist. Knowledge of it may be necessary to manage a company website;

Google Docs

  • is an online version of Google documents (a free alternative to the office) that allows you to store data on a Google drive, which many companies like to use, as it allows you to avoid the constant exchange of e-mails with attachments; used in almost every industry;


  • indispensable in engineering and technical industries, e.g. in the electrical, architectural, and construction industries; It is a design tool;

Google Analytics

  • one of the most popular web analytics software used in almost every industry;

Adobe Photoshop

  • information about the knowledge of Photoshop should be included in your CV, if you apply for the position of the photographer, graphic designer, but also a marketing employee, in the press, in advertising agencies;


The main thing you need to remember: good computer knowledge or even very good knowledge of MS Office is not enough. The candidate’s skills are important information for the employer. Pay attention to how the knowledge of the programs is included in the job advertisement, or check what tools are most often used in the position you apply for. Then enter them in your CV – of course, truthfully determine to what extent you can handle them. List their names, define their level of familiarity and list the functions you use. If possible, add links to your works that you created with them. And it’s ready.

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